The SEO Hosting for good projects, is an online shop or a website and it is important because search engines pay attention to various factors that can affect you alone with the SEO hosting in order to be better listed. These include in particular the speed, IP address, certificates and course accessibility.

SEO Hosting has to be fast

Search engines love to be able to read files quickly. If you are concerned about the SEO hosting, you should optimize your system in the first train for the search engines so they can read your files quickly. If you have for example a WordPress blog set a cache systems or use static backups, if the content does not change or the comment function is turned off. For small and medium-sized pages I always recommend to store this in html, this goes well with a PHP function and stores thousands of sub-pages per second. Advantage in a static page in SEO hosting is that it can not be faster.

If you have checked the system or the programming for the SEO hosting, you will need to examine the design of the homepage. Store in CSS and Javascript files, so it must not be reloaded again and again. Look after long useless comments or useless Verschachtellungen of DIV and tabels.

The SEO hosting can of course be screwed up by the power of the server. For this purpose, you should first check databases and PHP functions and release memory here. Turn just one more to get more power for the SEO hosting the cache functions.

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