SEO Hosting – Everything you need to know!

We are provider of SEO hosting packages and offers around 800 different IP addresses from 40 different Class C networks. Since the SEO hosting is a very fresh way of hosting, basic things here are summarized.

What is SEO Hosting?

SEOs are the operators of several websites at the same time, all with their own IP address. This is also the great advantage of SEO hosting. Why? The scattering of IPs provides links from individual projects to each other for IP popularity. If everything was only regulated via IP address, IP popularity would hardly be produced, and which is very important for SEOs.

SEOs can opt for the web hosting between multiple providers or SEO hosting specialized provider. In general, the specialized providers offer even to the Class C IP Hosting. Thus, different projects of owners of customer accounts via multiple C Class IP Hosting can be supplied with different IP addresses.

Class C IP Hosting – The Advantages

Since all projects are operated on our SEO page hosting – a Class C IP hosting, SEO configuration and management saves us work. The SEOs get the ability to work efficiently and optimizing the site thanks to this system. In Germany, the search designed for these hosters are not so easy. In America there are already many of these specialized providers, but the search in Germany is difficult. The Class C IP hosting is no default service of known mass hosters, due to lack of experts.

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